Applies To:

iRise Studio v8.12.1


iRise v8.12.1 was made generally available in August 2013. This release included many bug fixes and performance improvements across the components. Unfortunately, we missed a side effect of one of the fixes, and subsequently introduced a bug into Studio that could get data (Chapters) out of sync in some situations when working with projects on the private Studio.

We have resolved this issue and also made the iRise Mobile connection with Studio more robust, by supporting more network interfaces in the v8.12.2 release. We have released only the Studio and Reader, keeping the v8.12.1 Definition Center without any changes. We have made the v8.12.1 Studio unavailable to remove the potential issue above.
 Please download and update to the v8.12.2 Studio if you are currently using v8.12.1. The v8.12.2 Studio will connect to a v8.12.x Definition Center without any problem.
 Our apologies for this issue. We thank those who provided early reports and hope this quick response rectifies this situation.

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