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All versions of iRise Studio. Note: the process to extend a trial license is different and is explained in the dialog boxes at Studio startup.


 This article describes how to diagnose and fix license problems for iRise Studio.

More Information:

When launching Studio without a valid license installed you will receive the following error message.

 Check the following:

Check to see if .txt extension is attached to the license file.

  1. Go to the C:\Program Files\iRise\Studio directory.
  2. Look for the irise.license file and make sure there is no .txt extension present.
  3. Please ensure all your hidden files and folders are showing by going to tools - > folder options -> view (tab) and make sure the radio button for “show all hidden folders” is marked and the “hide extensions for known file types” is unmarked  

4. If there is a .txt extension present, simply rename the file to irise.license.

Double check MAC addresses

  1. Click on Start > Run…
  2. Type “cmd”
  3. Once a small black window appears, type “ipconfig /all” (with a space between the g and the /).
  4. Locate the number to the right of Physical Address . This is your MAC address.
  5. Note: Three MAC addresses can be entered in the event that multiple network cards are on the machine. This will allow for fail over or a situation such as a laptop network card for wireless and wired.
  6. Double check to make sure the MAC addresses on this DOS prompt match with what is listed on your license. If the MAC address(es) do not match and/or if you have a MAC address missing go back and revoke your current license and generate a new license with the correct / add MAC addresses.

 Refer to the following KB articles on how to revoke your current license and how to generate your iRise license:

Revoking an iRise License
 Generating and Installing a License on Studio Enterprise Edition for Windows
 Generating and Installing a License on Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac

Check license expiration date (Trial and Term License Keys)

  1. Open license file in Notepad.
  2. Compare the expiration date in the license file to your systems date and time
  3. If the expiration date has passed you will need a new license key to continue running Studio
  4. IV. User cannot save license file to C:\Program Files\iRise\Studio directory

Cannot save license file to c:\Program Files\iRise\Studio directory

  1. Save the file to user's desktop.
  2. Copy/paste the file from desktop to C:\Program Files\iRise\Studio directory

Unable to save license file ... error when pasting license text (v8.10.2 up)

You may encounter the following error when trying to paste your new license text.

 This is likely to be a Windows UAC issue. You will need to run Studio as an Administrator, to allow permission to save the license text to the Studio installation folder.

  1. Exit from Studio, then using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Studio installation folder (typically XP/Win 7 32-bit: C:\Program Files\iRise\Studio, or C:\Program Files (x86)\iRise\Studio).
  2. Locate the file iRiseStudio.exe, right-click -> Run as Administrator 

3. Once Studio is launched, click on Help -> Activate License, and try pasting the license contents again.

4. Exit from Studio, then launch Studio again as normal.

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