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iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Windows
 Version: 8.0 onwards


This article describes how to generate and install a license for iRise Studio Enterprise Edition on Windows.

1. Locate MAC Address(es)

Press the Windows start button, then type cmd in the search box:

A command window will be launched. Type: ipconfig /all
 Look for the Ethernet adapter addresses for Local Area Connection and Wireless Network Connection.
 Locate the number to the right of Physical Address, as a string of 6 alphanumerical pairs of characters, seperated by dashes. This is your MAC address. It should look something like this:

Note: Up to three MAC addresses can be used in the event that multiple network cards are on the machine. This will allow for fail over or a situation such as a laptop network card for wireless and wired.

2. Generate a new license

Note that this section only applies to users who have been granted access to the download site. You may have been issued a license by your iRise administrator. In that case, this section can be ignored.

 Log into * and click on the gray 'Click here to download a License Key' text link to the right of iRise Studio Enterprise Edition.

Enter your machine's description and your MAC address(es) noted above. Click the 'Generate' button.

Locate your machine's description and click on the 'Download' button to download your irise.license file. Check that the downloaded file doesn't have a .txt file extension.

* If you have lost your login credentials, click on the “Password Finder” text link and your login credentials will be emailed to the associated email address of your account.

3a. Install your license - via Activation Window (v8.10.2 onwards)

Whilst you can use the manual method as described in 3b for installing your license file, iRise Studio v8.10.2 onwards introduced a feature to allow you to activate your license directly from within Studio, by copying/pasting the license contents. If you don't have a valid license file in place, you'll automatically see an activation screen when you launch Studio:

Open your irise.license file with a text editor such as Wordpad. It's recommended to use this over Notepad as the formatting makes it much easier to copy/paste.
 Note that you may get the below message when opening the file:

Choose "Select a program from a list of installed programs", then select Wordpad, and uncheck the box 'Always use the selected program':

You may find it easier to open Wordpad first, then browse to the license file from within the program.

 Highlight the entire contents, then press [Ctrl]-C to copy to clipboard. In the Activate License window of Studio, press [Ctrl]-V to paste the license contents, then press the 'Activate' button. You should see the below confirmation of successful activation:

You should now be able to successfully launch Studio. If you wish to apply a new license, or display the number of days remaining on the current license, from within Studio, press 'Help' -> 'Activate License'.

3b. Install your license - old method via manual placement (v8.10.1 & earlier)

Copy the irise.license file to the installation location folder of iRise Studio. The default folder locations are noted below (unless you chose a different folder location on installation):
 Win7 64-bit:
 C:\Program Files(x86)\iRise\Studio
 XP/Win 7 32-bit:
 C:\Program Files\iRise\Studio
 Copy your irise.license file to a temporary location such as your desktop first, then move it to the installation folder.
 Having trouble installing your license? - see our troubleshooting KB for details - Studio License Issues - MAC Address Based License
 Need to revoke a license? - see the following KB: Revoking an iRise License

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