• Download the installer from the iRise Software Download Site and save locally to the server
  • Create a copy of the Connect for IBM Rational folder and save somewhere safe
  • Take note of the port Connect for IBM Rational is currently running on
  • Take note of the Definition Center URL
  • If running TLS/SSL, you should keep a copy of the server.xml and keystore.jks accessible
  • Plan an outage window with your end users and give yourself time to complete all steps


  • When the preparations above are complete, you will need to uninstall the current version of Connect for IBM Rational. Navigate to <install directory>/Uninstaller and run the Uninstaller.jar
  • Select the checkbox to delete the folders and proceed with the uninstall
  • Once the uninstaller is complete, run the new installer file that was saved to the server
  • For installation instructions, you can download via the iRise Software Download Site
  • Once you have completed the installation, test the connection and make sure you can log in successfully. http://<hostname>:<tomcatport>/iriseconnectrc/Login.htm.
  • Also verify that you or an end user can configure and apply at least steps 1-3 in the Connect product with a 'Connection Successful' message.
  • If TLS/SSL was set up with your previous installation, see the following section. Otherwise, your upgrade is complete.

Configuring the software back to TLS/SSL

  • Add a copy of your keystore.jks file to \iRiseConnectforIBMRational\Tomcat\conf\
  • Navigate to \iRiseConnectforIBMRational\Tomcat\conf\ and edit the server.xml file with a text editor
  • Comment out the existing connector by adding <!-- and --> tags on either side of the connector. Make sure you comment out the entire connector. Look for the closing tag for the connector and make sure your --> tag is after that.
  • Uncomment out the SSL connector by removing the <!-- and --> tags around it. Again, make sure you uncomment out the entire connector.
  • Open your copy of \iRiseConnectforIBMRational\Tomcat\conf\server.xml and copy over the following information below in blue:

<Service name="Catalina">
 keystoreFile="<path to your keystore file>"
 keystorePass="<password to your keystore>"
 keyPass="<password to private key>"
 keyAlias="<alias to your key created above>"

  • Restart the iRise Connect for IBM Rational service and verify log in: http://<hostname>:<tomcatport>/iriseconnectrc/Login.htm
  • Also verify that you or an end user can configure and apply at least steps 1-3 in the Connect product with a 'Connection Successful' message.

For more information on how to configure Connect for IBM Rational with TLS, please see this article. If you need to configure iRise connect for IBM Rational (v9.2 or higher) to connect with an TLS enabled Definition Center and IBM Rational Requirements Composer, see this article.
 If you need assistance, please feel free to contact iRise Support at any time.

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