In prior versions, the data was upgraded after the installer completed and the iRise service (tomcat6) was restarted. This was not visible to the end user, as it was completed behind the scenes.
 With v8.12 and above, you don't need to do anything different. Just run the installer as usual. If the installer detects existing data, a "Migrating Data..." window will appear along with a separate console. In this console, you'll see your projects scroll as they're upgraded. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT close this console window, as it will abort the data migration.

If you launch Task Manager, you'll notice the data migration is handled via a "java.exe" process.

 When the data migration is complete, press the Done button to close the installer.

 You should now see the new tomcat7.exe process and be able to connect to Definition Center via browser and Studio.

 Migrating Data from one server to another
 If you are migrating data from one server to another, please see the instructions below:
 Old server:

  1. Verify that all projects have been checked in on the old server and that all users are logged out.
  2. Stop the v8.11 iRise service (run from command prompt: net stop iRise811).
  3. Zip the v8.11 data folder (iRise\data) and copy the zipped file to the new server (don't uncompress it yet).

 New server:

  1. Install v8.12 on the new server.
  2. Stop the v8.12 iRise service (run from command prompt: net stop iRise812).
  3. Rename the new v8.12 data folder (iRise\data) to "data.empty".
  4. Unzip the v8.11 data folder to iRise\data.
  5. Navigate to iRise\DefCenter\bin and double-click the migrationTool.cmd file.
  6. A console window will open where you'll see your projects being upgraded. Do not close this window or it will abort the migration. When the window closes, your upgrade should be complete.
  7. Navigate to iRise\DefCenter\bin and double-click the runLibraryImport.cmd file.

Note: If your Definition Center installation folder is located in C:\Program Files, Windows UAC forces administration authentication, therefore you will need to right-click the migrationTool.cmd and/or runLibraryImport.cmd > Run as Administrator.

There are additional steps necessary if you have LDAP, SSL, and/or SMTP configured on the old server.


 SSL (this assumes the Fully Qualified Domain Name will remain the same):

  1. Login to the DC in the browser and make a note of your LDAP settings (Administration > LDAP Authentication).
  2. Login to the new DC and enter the LDAP settings.
  3. Restart the iRise service.
  4. Copy iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\keystore.jks from the old server to the new.
  5. Open iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\ in a text editor.
  6. Search for the line: irise.server.protocol and change the value from http to https.
  7. Search for the line: irise.server.port and change it to 443.
  8. Edit the SSL connector in iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\server.xml per these
  9. If you're using a self-signed cert or a cert from a non-trusted authority, follow the steps as outlined in the SSL setup article.
  10. Restart the iRise service.
  11. Login to the DC in the browser and make a note of your SMTP settings (Administration > Email/SMTP Settings).
  12. Login to the new DC and enter the SMTP settings.
  13. Open iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\ in a text editor and change: smtp.enabled=false to smtp.enabled=true
  14. Restart the iRise service.
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