Upgrading Adoption Center

 If you are upgrading Adoption Center, please save the attached backup utility to the server Adoption Center is installed on. Create a folder titled, ‘backup’ and save/unzip to that location. This will be where the backup of your Adoption Center files will be saved.

Backup Adoption Center Files

 Edit the ‘setEnv.bat’ file in Notepad, (right click on the file). You will need to change the Backup_App path to where you have Adoption Center installed. For example, you would change the following example in the screenshot to E:\app\iRise Adoption Center. You will also need to change the Backup_MySQL_Port to the port you installed on. The two entries are in the screenshot below for reference.

 Change the Restore_App directory, but append with the version you are installing. For example, still using the sample above, it would look like this:

 You will need to change the Backup_MySQL information to what was used during initial installation. If you were not the one who installed or cannot remember, please try contacting your IT Admin that installed, or iRise Support. You would need the username, password, as well as the port mentioned above.

 You don’t need to change the Restore_MySQL information, because it is saved by default moving forward. Keep the remaining defaults, and save the file.
 Now you are ready to run the backup utility.
 Open a command prompt on the server, and run as Administrator(Start>right click on cmd>’Run as Adminisrator’). In the command prompt, navigate to the folder where you unzipped the backup utility, (cd to change directories and paste the path into the command screen then press enter). Once the directory is changed, select ‘backupUtil.bat’ and hit enter.

 You will then see a screen with 4 different options. Select Option 1 to Backup, and hit enter.

 You should then see the backup utility running and copying server files. The command prompt will list that the backup is complete, and to ‘Press Any Key to Continue’, which you can do. Keep the command prompt up, as you will be coming back to it.
 Before moving on, you can verify that the copy occurred by navigating, in Windows Explorer to the backup\updater\app\docs.
 Also confirm that it copied over your data to backup\updater\db, (AdoptionCenterDataBackup_currentdate.sql)
 In the same directory, you will need to delete the ‘Help’ directory. You won’t need backups of these files, so they are fine to remove.

Uninstall Old Version of Adoption Center

 You can now uninstall the older version of Adoption Center. Just navigate to \iRise Adoption Center\Unistaller and double click on the ‘uninstaller.exe’. When the popup comes up, leave the checkbox unchecked, and select ‘Uninstall’.

 The popup will remove the files and display ‘[finished]’ when complete. You can select ‘quit’. Go ahead and then verify that the iRise Adoption Center services have been removed from Windows Services.

Install the Latest Version of Adoption Center

 You can now install the latest version of Adoption Center. You will need access to irise.subscribenet.com, and then save the Adoption Center installer to the server
 When the file has been saved, double click it, (‘AdoptionCenter<version>_Installer.jar). This will bring up the first screen for the installer.

 Accept the terms, and select ‘next’.
 On the following screen, change the installation path, to the one referenced at the beginning of the article,(‘Restore_App’. In the ‘setEnv.bat’ file).

 The installer will then notify you that the file you just entered will be created in the path you listed. You can select ‘ok’.

 You will then see a list of packs installed. You don’t have to change anything, just select ‘next’.
 Next is the MySQL port, which is 3306 by default. Keep this default port and select, ‘next’.
 You will then need to use the port that the old version of Adoption Center was running, (if it differs from the default port of 80). If the port is already in use, the installer will let you know. You can keep the default ‘Tomcat Shutdown Port’ of 8005. Select ‘next’.

 The installer will continue to run, and install the necessary files. The 'Processing' screen will then pop up with five steps to complete.
 The final step is to click on ‘done’ on the last screen. You don’t need to generate an automatic installation script.
 One complete, you can open a browser and navigate to the URL being used for Adoption Center to verify that it is up and running. This will contain all the defaults, as we have not yet restored your data and files over yet, which will be the next step.

Restoring Data

 Back to the command prompt, select option ‘2’.
 The next step will direct you to select a SQL file, and should list the correct AdoptionCenterDataBackup_<date>.sql by default. Enter ‘1’ and hit enter.
 You can verify that the files are being moved by navigating to the new Adoption Center directory, (\apache-tomcat-7.0.23\webapps\ac\docs).
 When finished the command prompt will list the amount of files copied, and that it is complete. Again, you can press any key to continue, please do so.
 You will now need to Upgrade the Adoption Center Database Schema, which is option 3. Press any key to continue when it says to.
 Verify that you can browse to the login page, successfully log in, and that your data is correct, (user data, settings, email templates, etc). Once you have verified everything looks correct, you can remove the old folders/files in the previous Adoption Center directory.
 Your upgrade is now complete!

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