Revision Manager 9.1 and earlier:

Downloading the plugin file

  • The plugin is a .jar file available for download via subscribenet:
  • Once downloaded, place the jar in the following folder on your hard drive:
  • In Windows Vista or 7: \Users\<Username>\Documents\iRise\plugins
  • In Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\iRise\plugins
  • On Mac OSX: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/iRise/plugins
  • Restart iRise Studio
  • Connect to a Definition Center and open a project
  • You should now see the "Revisions" Option under Tools

Configuring Revision Manager

 Once the Revisions Manager Plugin is installed, a "Revisions" menu option is created in the Studio Tools menu. Select the Revisions option on the menu.

 NOTE: If you are connected to a Definition Center with an open project the Menu option will be disabled
 The first time the plugin is launched, you will see the configure screen. You will need to input the URL for the Tomcat server. If you do not know this URL, please contact your iRise Administrator for this information.

Creating a Revision

 The Revision screen will show a list of any revisions that for the current project.

  • Click the 'New Revision' button
  • Enter a description for the revision to identify it
  • You can optionally click the lock icon to lock the revision. This will prevent the revision from being deleted from the daily purging process. If you don’t lock the revision, it will be deleted when it becomes  the oldest revision and the maximum backup limit is reachedOnce the revisions is available for download the Pending state will change to a download   icon.You can click the download icon to save the iDoc on your file system.

Deleting a Revision

 Typically, you would not need to manage deleting, as the nightly processing will purge files. However, you do have the option of manually deleting a revision if you want to.

  • Click the checkbox to the left for the revision(s) you wish to delete
  • Click the 'Delete' button.

Comparing Revisions

Click the checkbox to the left for two revision(s) you wish to compare
Click the 'Compare' button

Locking a Revision

You can lock a Revision to prevent it from being deleted or renamed. A locked revision will not be deleted from the nightly purging process.

  • To lock a revision click the unlock icon for the revision.
  • The icon will change to a locked icon, indicating it is locked.
  • If you wish to rename or delete the revision, you will have to unlock it first by clicking again on the locked icon.

Access Control

 Not all users have the same access level. The actions they perform depend on their project access level for as defined in the Definition Center. Below is a table that summarizes the functions a user can perform based on their Project Role.

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