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iRise Studio Enterprise Edition & Definition Center

1. Login to Subscribenet and select the required product

Note that the ability to revoke licenses only applies to users who have been granted admin access to the download site. Please check with your iRise administrator. 

 Log into * and click on the gray 'Click here to download a License Key' text link to the right of the product (e.g. iRise Studio Enterprise Edition or Definition Center), depending on whether you need to revoke a server or client license.

2. Locate the license to revoke

You'll see a list of all your licenses for each of the orders on your account. Locate the license you wish to revoke, then click the 'Revoke' button. Note: the revoke button appears grayed out but is clickable.

 Click through the prompts until the revoke process has been completed.

* If you have lost your login credentials, click on the 'Password Finder' text link and your login credentials will be emailed to the associated email address of your account.

Troubleshooting revoking license issues

Depending on the number of times the entitlement has revoked licenses, you may encounter the following error:
 You have reached the maximum number of times allotted for revoking a license. Please contact iRise Customer Support to resolve this issue: (866) 361-3900.
 If you hit this issue, please contact iRise Customer Support, quoting the Order Number (located top left hand side of the licensing window).

 Need help generating a license? Click on the following KB articles for instructions on how to generate and install a Studio license:
 Win: Generating and Installing a License on Studio Enterprise Edition for Windows
 Mac: Generating and Installing a License on Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac.

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