Version 9.1 of the iRise CodeGen software introduced a bug whereby the iRise CodeGen service cannot be stopped without killing the process associated with the service. A newer version of the installer will replace the existing one shortly, but in the meantime changes can be made to the service wrapper that will prevent the problem from occurring. If you downloaded and installed the currently available v9.1 of the software you are susceptible to this problem.

Manually Stopping the Service

If you are running v9.1 of the software you will notice that you cannot stop the service for v9.1 CodeGen by trying to stop the service from the services tab. To make changes to fix the problem we will first need to stop the service. To do so, open Task Manager on the server running CodeGen. Click on the Services tab and search for the service named iRiseCodeGen910_server. Right click on the name and choose 'Go to Process'. Click the 'End Process' button to kill the process.

Editing the Service Wrapper

Launch a command prompt on the server and navigate to the following directory (if your install is in a different directory than the default installation modify the path accordingly: C:\Program Files\iRise CodeGen\apache-tomcat-7.0.23\bin. Type the following command and hit enter:

tomcat7w //ES//iRiseCodeGen910_server

A window will pop up with service wrapper settings for the CodeGen service. Click on the Shutdown tab and change the 'Mode' select box from 'exe' to 'jvm' and choose 'Apply'. Now you should be able to successfully start and stop the iRise CodeGen service from the Services window.


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