Users attempting to log in to Definition Center from Reader are not able to establish a valid connection. They may see the error:
 This Definition Center can't be found. Check your settings and try again.
 This problem is limited to connecting to Definition Center only, as the user is still able to simulate the iDoc.
 The error is due to the Definition Center being configured with a Self-Signed/non-trusted Certificate along with an issue with XULRunner. The current workaround is to either obtain a trusted certificate and use this on the server, or follow the steps below.
 Please note the following workaround requires Firefox browser to be installed.


Please follow these steps as a workaround in order to connect to Definition Center from Reader. You may want to verify that the Definition Center is running TLS (HTTPS) before attempting these steps and you also have a copy of your non-trused root and intermediate (if using) certificates.

  1. From the machine(s) in question, launch Firefox browser and navigate to the iRise Definition Center log in page
  2. You should see a 'This Connection is untrusted' pop up
  3. Click on the 'Add Exception' button
  4. Click on the 'Confirm Security Exception' button on the next screen
  5. Add your untrusted root (and intermediate) certificate(s) in Firefox (Options / Advanced / Certificates / View certificates / Authorities / Import)
  6. Navigate to the following directory:
  7. Copy the files:
  8. Paste the files to the Reader directory:
  9. Launch Reader and attempt to connect
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