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Using Studio
Using Studio
Create wireframes and prototypes in the desktop version.
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Getting Started with Studio
Connect iRise Studio to Definition Center
Managing Projects in iRise Studio
iDoc: Using Radio Buttons to display an image
iDoc: Rule Generator
iDoc: Form with Confirmation Dialog
iDoc: Combining datasheet records and the HREF Operator to create hyperlinks
iDoc: Fisheye Menu
iDoc: Animated Pop-up
iDoc: Threaded Comments
iDoc: Nested Tables
iDoc: Toggle Columns
iBloc - Line Chart
iBloc - Image Flow
iBloc - Google Maps
iBloc: Auto-suggest Input
iBloc - Google Charts
iBloc - Lorem Ipsum
iBloc - Locate Me
iBloc - Annotate
iBloc - Facebook Like
iBloc - Slider
iBloc - Flot Gauge
iBloc - Swappable Image Grid
iBloc - Enable or Disable
iBloc - Tree
iBloc - Paging
iBloc - Set Value
iBloc - News Ticker
iBloc - Twitter Feed
iRise iPhone Background Image Tutorial
Enabling an iPhone Action Sheet in iRise
iRise Studio Quick Tour - Quick Start Tutorial 1
Visualizing Scenarios in iRise - Quick Start Tutorial 2
Building a Basic UI in iRise - Quick Start Tutorial 3
Visualizing Simple Data Flow in iRise - Quick Start Tutorial 4
Reusable Assets in iRise - Quick Start Tutorial 5
Mobility Simulation Tips and Tricks
Creating a Dependent Select Configuration
Visualizing mobile apps with iRise 8.9
Enhancing the iRise Modeling Experience
CSS Information and Tips
Advanced Calculations
iRise Studio Enterprise Edition - Locating Files for Windows
iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac - Locating Files
iRise Tip - Copy and paste widgets with associated actions and operators
Quick iRise simulation of Flipboard-style interactions
Using an iBloc to Control Dynamic Views in iRise
Exploring the iRise Studio Workspace
Licensing Studio from v9 onwards
Laying Out a Page in iRise
Licensing FAQ for v9 and Higher
New Data Features in iRise 8.11