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iRise Reader - Silent Install / Uninstall
iRise Reader - Silent Install / Uninstall
This article describes how to silently install and/or uninstall iRise Reader.
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Applies to

 The article applies to the following products and versions:
 Product: iRise Reader
 Versions: v8.10.2 onwards


 ​This document is intended to provide instructions for creating silent installer for iRise Reader based on the the InstallAnywhere platform. You can either choose to run a silent install that simply accepts default values, or you can create a response file with modifications to the default values.


Run the install with the default values

  1. Open a command prompt window (Start > Run > cmd)

  2. Open My Computer and browse to the directory where the installer is saved

  3. Drag the installer from the directory listing in the My Computer window to the command prompt

  4. Add -i silent to the end of the string in the command line, e.g:
     C:\iRise_Reader_v10.2.0_b14.exe -i /silent

  5. Press Enter 

 ​Note: "-i /verysilent will work as well.

Silent Uninstall

Use the below syntax to silently uninstall Studio software. This can be run from a command line or via a batch file and runs an uninstall executable in a folder under the default install directory. For example:
 "C:\Program Files (x86)\iRise\Uninstall_iRise Reader 10.2\Uninstall iRise Reader 10.2.exe" –i silent

For more information on response files, see the Flexera documentation How to create a response file.  You can also research more of their documentation here.

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