Applies To

iRise Studio versions 7.x through 8.10.x


When simulating a navigation path in a browser, users will sometimes see an iRise error that says, 'Unable to Simulate: This page is unavailable. It may have been deleted or belongs to an project that cannot be reached.'

 This article details the reasons for this particular error, and how to address it.

More Information

 When creating a navigation in Studio, a user creates a path from a widget on a page to a destination in the canvas that displays with a blue line. When this blue navigation line is incomplete or navigates to a page that has been deleted, the error message above will display.
 To insure this doesn't occur, make sure the navigation path either ends with an action, or a link. For example, a navigation path from a button on the page to a clipboard will result in the above mentioned error. Add a refresh link, or a link back to itself and the error will be corrected.

New in version 8.11, it is no longer required to navigate to a destination. Navigating from a button on the page to a clipboard will no longer cause the above mentioned dialogue, but will refresh the page instead.

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