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 This article applies to all versions of the old iRise Mobile for iPad / iPhone. Get the new iRise app for mobile simulation on the iTunes Store here.


 This article describes what action to take if you encounter the following error report when running a simulation on an iPad or iPhone using iRise Mobile:

 Diagnostic Information: {
  "A. Error Message": "Error occurred while running simulation",
  "B. Device Model": "iPad",
  "C. Device Platform": "iPad1,1",
  "D. OS Version": "5.1.1",
  "E. Memory Used": "196870144",
  "F. Memory Total": "258981888",
  "G. Disk Space Total": "62405189632",
  "H. Disk Space Free": "9695682560",
  "I. CPU Frequency": "0"

This error report is usually generated when you encounter a low memory status. To rectify this, close all running/open Apps on your device to free up memory, then try running the simulation again.

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