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Simulation does not Display Until you Allow all Content to be Loaded
Simulation does not Display Until you Allow all Content to be Loaded
This article describes how to address an issue during simulation where the content cannot be loaded in the browser.
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Applies To:

Product: Definition Center

Version: All versions configured with SSL


 When simulating projects located on the Definition Center, (configured with SSL), a user encounters a message related to the secure content. The page will not load unless you allow the blocked script or content to load. The following message is shown in Chrome:

 The following message is shown in IE:

More Information:

 The messages are shown due to insecure content located anywhere in the project. For example, if you have embedded objects on 'Page C', but load 'Page A', the user will see the message. If you have links that navigate to any site that is not secure, (HTTP vs HTTPS), any embedded object, any iBloc, etc, you will see the message. A good troubleshooting tip to see the source of the insecure content is to use Google's JavaScript Console, (under Tools).


The user can 'Load unsafe script' or 'show all content' in order for the page to load. In IE, navigate to Internet Options>Security>Internet>Custom Level and change the setting 'Display mixed content' to 'Enable'. A program called 'Sendori' is also the cause of the message being shown. If you remove this program, (assuming you are not using it), the message will no longer appear.
 Please use the following link if you need help uninstalling Sendori.

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