Applies to:

Product: iRise Studio Enterprise Edition
 Version: v10.0.0


An error can occur with iRise Studio v10.0 where the Studio will not be able to connect to the Definition Center. The issue is caused by a bug in the underlying version of the JVM that causes parsing errors in certain situations. When the Studio coupled with the directory structure of the Definition Center gets into this state accessing the organizer or any other view of the directory tree structure for the Definition Center from Studio will throw an error that the connection to the Definition Center is unavailable. Version 10.1 of the software uses an updated bundled JVM that resolves this issue.

More Information:

If you are receiving the following error message when trying to connect to a Definition Center from v10.0.0 Studio or trying to access the directory tree structure of the Definition Center, you may be experiencing this issue.

‚ÄčThere is an underlying bug in the bundled JVM version that ships with v10.0 of the iRise Studio software v.1.7.0_71. Fortunately the underlying bug was quickly fixed. The version of the JVM that ships with the v10.1 iRise software contains the fix and the issue is resolved. In order to take advantage of the fix, simply upgrade iRise Studio and Definition Center to v10.1.

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