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Upgrade to v8.11.1 Definition Center Not Preserving Data Locations
Upgrade to v8.11.1 Definition Center Not Preserving Data Locations
This article describes how to address the issue of a missing data directory in Definition Center after upgrading to v8.11.1
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Product: iRise Definition Center
 Version: v8.11.1


This article describes an issue that occurs when upgrading from any previous version of the Definition Center to version v8.11.1 where you had previously set the data location to be in a non-standard location not relative to the program root. In a default installation the Definition Center program is installed in the drive:\iRise\DefCenter directory and the data is installed in the drive:\iRise\data directory. The program structure and the data both hang off of the same common root location drive:\iRise. This issue only applies if you have set the data location to be something different from the common root location that the program structure uses.
 Here are some examples of locations that this issue applies to:
 Program location: c:\iRise\DefCenter
 Data location: d:\iRise\data
 Program location: c:\Programs\iRise\DefCenter
 Data location: c:\Application Data\data
 And here are some examples of locations that the issue does not apply to:
 Program location: d:\Applications\DefCenter
 Data location: d:\Applications\data
 Program location: c:\DefCenter
 Data location: c:\data
 This issue also only applies to upgrades to version 8.11.1 of the Definition Center software. The issue is resolved in version 8.11.2.


If you have already upgraded the Definition Center and you don't see your projects and users, stop the Definition Center service and follow the steps below to resolve the issue. If you have not upgraded yet and believe the issue would affect you based on your data and program structure locations, upgrade to v8.11.2 instead and avoid the issue altogether.

1. Modify the file:

Locate the file and edit it with a file editor of your choice. Notepad or Wordpad work just fine. The file in a standard installation is located here: drive:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\
 Locate the section in the file that sets the data location. It looks like this:
 Edit the data location to reflect the correct location of your data. Don't forget to use double back slashes as directory separators. Save the file

2. Edit the Service.bat file

In a default installation the service.bat file is located in the drive:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\bin directory. Open the service.bat file with the text editor of your choice. Locate the section of the file. Search for the following snippet that sets the data location in the service.bat file:\iRise\data
 Change the path to reflect the location of your data directory. The example above is how the file is configured in a default installation. Save the file.

3. Modify the Service Wrapper:

Open a command prompt on the server and navigate to the drive:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\bin directory (if your installed location is different modify the path accordingly):
 tomcat6w //ES//iRise811
 Hit enter and a window for editing the service wrapper will come up looking like this:

 Click on the Java tab and scroll down in the Java options window to the last parameter which should be the data location. Modify the location to reflect the correct location for your data and choose Apply to save your changes.

 Restart the Definition Center service and you should now see your data and users correctly.

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