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Pages Without Styles Simulating Incorrectly (v9.0 and earlier) or Directory Panel Not Showing Correctly (v9.1 and v9.2)
Pages Without Styles Simulating Incorrectly (v9.0 and earlier) or Directory Panel Not Showing Correctly (v9.1 and v9.2)
This article describes, and provides a solution to address an issue where pages without styles simulate incorrectly, or do not show up.
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This article describes an issue where pages without a base style simulate incorrectly in v9.0 and prior of iRise Studio and Definition Center and in v9.1 and v9.2 the pages simulate correctly but the directory panel is blank.
 The source of this condition is a bug that existed in the software until v9.1 of the software where cutting and pasting chapters from a project resulted in the pasted chapters not having a style associated with them. In v9.0 and earlier of the software the pages would not simulate properly. Parts of pages would be missing or the page would simulate blank. In v9.1 and v9.2 the pages would simulate correctly, but no directory panel would show for the project and you couldn't navigate to other pages.
 Fixing this issue requires you to set a base style for all pages in a given project. This can be done by manually visiting each page and ensuring it has a style. If a page does not have a style you can either manually set a style for the page or choose Format -> Clear Formatting from the top menu in Studio when the page is selected.
 To determine if projects in your local Studio's data directory or your Definition Center's data directory or susceptible to this error we have developed a utility attached to this article that will scan a data directory and report on all pages missing a base style. We recommend running the utility on a stopped Definition Center where you can give the utility access to plenty of RAM on the machine. If you are running the utility against a running production Definition Center we recommend installing the utility on a different machine and pointing to a mapped drive of the data directory on the target machine.
 The utility is designed to be run from Java 1.7. You can run this using the JVM bundled with the Definition Center software. Download the attached jar file and save it to the x:\iRise\DefCenter\_jvm\bin directory (versions prior to v9.2.1) or x:\iRise\DefCenter\jvm64\bin (v9.2.1 and above).

Running the Utility

  1. Ensure the Definition Center service is stopped

  2. Navigate to the c:\iRise\DefCenter\_jvm\bin directory in a command prompt.

  3. At the command prompt, type the following:

java -Xmx3g -jar missing-styles-finder.jar -o run.log -d c:\[path to datafolder]

Set the Xmx value to the amount of RAM you normally allocate to the Definition Center in Gigabytes. The -o option sets the output file name and the -d option is the path to the data directory you want to examine.
 The utility will output the results of the scan to both the screen and the specified output file location. The scan will output the key of the project with the error, the project name, the folder, the chapter and the folder path of the chapter within the project. For each chapter identified in the output, simply add a style and the project will simulate correctly.

Downloading the Utility

Follow the link below to download the utility. If you encounter any problems running the command, contact iRise Customer Support.

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