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v9.1 or v9.2 Definition Center Unresponsive – Out of Memory PermGen space
v9.1 or v9.2 Definition Center Unresponsive – Out of Memory PermGen space
This article describes how to address an issue where Definition Center has become unresponsive in v9.1 and v9.2.
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Applies To:

 Versions 9.1 and 9.2 of iRise Definition Center


 A combination of a change in the memory settings for the Definition Center from version 8.12 onward coupled with newer functionality in versions 9.1 and 9.2 can cause a situation where the Definition Center software runs out of PermGen memory space causing the application to become unresponsive.

More Information:

 To correctly diagnose the issue you need to look at the latest standard error log file. The file is located here on a default installation x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\logs\ and will follow this pattern:
 irise92-stderr.yyyy-mm-dd or irise91-stderr-yyyy-mm-dd
 If you see an error message like this in the latest version of the standard error log you are experiencing the issue:
 Exception in thread "ActiveMQ Journal Checkpoint Worker" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
 A restart of the server will temporarily fix the issue, but it will most likely return. To correct this issue you need to allocate more Perm Gen memory space to the application. To do this you need to open the service wrapper for the application. Here are the steps:

  1. Stop the iRise Definition Center service if it isn’t already stopped 

  2. Open a command prompt on the Definition Center server and navigate to the following path: x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\bin 

  3. Type the following command at the prompt if you are running version 9.1 of the software:tomcat7w //ES//iRise91 and if you are running version 9.2 of the software:tomcat7w //ES//iRise92 

  4. Click on the Java tab in the window that pops up 

5. The second setting in the Java Options section will be

6. Change that to

7. Click OK to save your changes

8. Restart the iRise Definition Center service

 A new version of the 9.2 Definition Center software has replaced the original one with the new setting applied already. If you have the older installer in the footer of the Definition Center login page for v9.2.0 you will see v9.2.0(1266) and if you have the new one you will see v9.2.0(2).
 If you need help making the modification to your Definition Center service wrapper, don't hesitate to contact

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