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Definition Center does not Launch after Upgrading to v8.12x
Definition Center does not Launch after Upgrading to v8.12x
This article describes how to address an issue when Definition Center does not start or launch after upgrading to v8.12x.
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Applies to:

Definition Center v8.12x configured with SSL


After upgrading from any previous versions of Definition Center configured with SSL, to version 8.12.x, the iRise Definition Center service will not remain started and Definition Center does not launch.

Additional Information:

The cause of this issue is due to using a fully qualified domain name in the file for the entry"servername". The location of this file is in \iRise\data\logs.


You will need to manually edit the file from the fully qualified domain name that is listed, to 'localhost'.

 Once you have made the change to the file, you will need to run the migration tool manually. Navigate to iRise\DefCenter\bin and double-click the migrationTool.cmd file. A console window will open where you'll see your projects being upgraded. Do not close this window or it will abort the migration. When the window closes, your upgrade should be complete.
 Please contact iRise Customer Support if you think you have run into this issue and need assistance. Please attach the file mentioned above, along with the most recent Definition Center log files located in the \iRise\DefCenter\tomcat\logs.

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