Applies to:

Product: iRise Studio
 Version: v8.11.0 upwards


This article describes a workaround if Studio fails to launch due to the known Java bug 7180557 : InetAddress.getLocalHost throws UnknownHostException on java7u5 on OSX -

1. Check the studio.log:

Locate the studio.log file in /Users/username/Library/Logs/iRise/Studio for the existence of the following error:


It appears that this machine is affected by

This affects iRise Studio's proper operation. As a workaround to correct the problem, you can edit /etc/hosts and add the machine's host name to the line containing ' localhost' and/or '::1 localhost'. The host name can be found by opening Terminal and running 'hostname -s'. The value entered in /etc/hosts must match this value exactly. For further assistance, please contact iRise Support.

 Instructions on how to locate the Studio log are in the following KB:

2. Download the following shell script to append the hostname to the hosts file:

a) Unzip and download the following script to your Home folder (/Users/username):
 b) Open a Terminal window and at the prompt, type:
 sudo -s
 c) At the bash# prompt, type:
 d) Type exit to quit from the bash# shell
 e) Check that the loopback address and hostname has been appended correctly to the bottom of the hosts file by typing:
 cat /etc/hosts
 f) Launch Studio
 If you still have trouble launching iRise Studio, please contact with a copy of your studio.log and details of the entries in the /etc/hosts file.

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