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iRise Studio for Mac Won't Start due to hostname not being in host file
iRise Studio for Mac Won't Start due to hostname not being in host file
This article describes a solution when Studio won't start or launch when installed on a Mac.
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Applies to:

Product: iRise Studio
 Version: v8.11.0 upwards


This article describes a workaround if Studio fails to launch due to the known Java bug 7180557 : InetAddress.getLocalHost throws UnknownHostException on java7u5 on OSX -

1. Check the studio.log:

Locate the studio.log file in /Users/username/Library/Logs/iRise/Studio for the existence of the following error:


It appears that this machine is affected by

This affects iRise Studio's proper operation. As a workaround to correct the problem, you can edit /etc/hosts and add the machine's host name to the line containing ' localhost' and/or '::1 localhost'. The host name can be found by opening Terminal and running 'hostname -s'. The value entered in /etc/hosts must match this value exactly. For further assistance, please contact iRise Support.

2. Download the following shell script to append the hostname to the hosts file:

a) Unzip and download the following script to your Home folder (/Users/username):
 b) Open a Terminal window and at the prompt, type:
 sudo -s
 c) At the bash# prompt, type:
 d) Type exit to quit from the bash# shell
 e) Check that the loopback address and hostname has been appended correctly to the bottom of the hosts file by typing:
 cat /etc/hosts
 f) Launch Studio
 If you still have trouble launching iRise Studio, please contact with a copy of your studio.log and details of the entries in the /etc/hosts file.

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