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Export to Document Only Opens in TextEdit
Export to Document Only Opens in TextEdit
This article offers a option to troubleshoot when a document export only opens in TextEdit.
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Applies to:

 iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac
 Version 8.11.x and up


This article describes an issue that may occur when exporting your project to a document. From Studio, when you export to document on a Mac, the file is opened in TextEdit. The issue can occur even if the template being used is an .rtf file, and the file is configured to 'Open With' Microsoft Word.


 1. Select an exported RTF file
 2. Choose File > 'Get Info' or press Command-I
 3. In the 'Open With' section, choose 'Microsoft Word' from the popup menu and click the 'Change All' button
 4. Another option would be to navigate to the iRise template in /Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/ReportTemplates and right click to 'Show Package Contents' then proceed with step 3.
 5. Accept the confirmation message  6. All RTF files will now be opened with Microsoft Word

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