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This article only applies to version 8.5.0 of the iRise Suite of products. The issue was resolved in version 8.5.1 of the software


This article describes an issue with simulations from iRise Definition Center, Studio, and Reader version 8.5 and certain versions of Google Chrome. At the time Google Chrome was not a supported browser for use with iRise and any page simulated in that browser showed an image of three colored circles intertwined instead of the expected simulation content.

More Information:

The issue only occurred when simulating in Google Chrome with this particular version of the iRise software. If you need to use this older version of the iRise software and are experiencing this issue, choose a different browser to view your simulations. Simulations in iRise display in the default browser defined on your system. To get the simulations to display in Firefox or IE, simply change the default browser for your machine and the simulations will follow.

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