Applies To

Product: iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac
Versions: v8.11 and above


iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac will not start with certain versions of Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client enabled. Clicking on the icon to launch the program will do nothing.
This document describes how to add a startup option that enables Studio to run while connected to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.


To resolve this issue you need to modify the Java parameters that iRise Studio uses to start. Be careful when making the following changes.

1. Open Finder and click on Applications.

2. Find the iRise Studio application in the list and secondary click on it and choose 'Show Package Contents'.

3. Navigate to the Contents folder and edit the info.plist file using your preferred text editor.

4. Scroll until you see a section for the JVMOptions it begins with this:

5. Immediately following that line you will see an array of strings representing various startup options. It looks like this:

6. Add the following line to the end of the strings section and save the file.

   The section after editing should look like this:

7. Launch Studio with the VPN connected and the program should start normally.

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