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"f:AbstractFileException caught..." error during 'Save As' or 'Check in'
"f:AbstractFileException caught..." error during 'Save As' or 'Check in'
This article describes how to address the error, 'f:abstractfileexception caught...' in Studio during a 'Save as' or 'Check in'.
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Applies to:

iRise Studio Enterprise Edition Version 8.x through 8.12.0


Upon 'Check in' or 'Save as' of a local project to the Definition Center, a user will encounter a error that does not allow Studio to proceed with the request.


In most cases a user can export the project as an iDoc, and then import via the Definition Center UI in the browser.


This issue was fixed in version 8.12.1. Please upgrade your Definition Center and Studio instances in order to see these fixes. If the workaround nor upgrading resolve your issue please contact us in support.

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