When attempting to run an iRise installer, an InstallAnywhere message appears instructing the user to 'Please select another location to extract the installer to'.

 The message mentioned, is usually due to a corrupt installer file. Please log back into the iRise download site, and select the 'Advanced Download Options' link.

Once on the next page, please select the alternative method of download. By default, the FTP method is used, so users will most likely need to select the 'HTTPS' method to download the installer.

If you downloaded the installer from your Definition Center, please log back in, and try downloading again.
Once you have a fresh installer file, attempt to run it and proceed to install iRise. You can compare file size to insure that the installer has been extracted successfully.

 If you are accessing the installer through a different location, for example a shared drive, please make sure the source file is the correct size, (around 241 MB).

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