Applies to:

Studio Version 8.12


When attempting to import comments into a project through Studio, (File>Import>Comments), a message is displayed and the comments do not import.

 An additional message is displayed noting that the projects do not match.

Additional Information:

If you have confirmed that the projects do indeed match, and still get the above mentioned messages, there is a fix you can download if you are currently on version 8.12. Please note that this issue has been addressed in the next version, and upgrading will apply the fix.


  • Close iRise Studio

  • Save the attached file, (replace the existing one), to the following location, depending on your Operating System

  • Windows - \Program Files\iRise\Studio\Lib

  • Windows 64 bit - \Program Files(x86)\Studio\Lib

  • Mac OS - /Applications/iRise

  • Relaunch Studio, and continue with Comment Import process as usual.

 If you continue to have issues importing comments, please contact iRise Customer Support for assistance.

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