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Product: iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac
Version: 8.9.1 and up


Apple has different recommended file locations for installed software, data, license files and logs. iRise software will use the Apple defaults wherever possible. This article lists the locations of the files on an installation of iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac.

More Information:

This article details the locations for data, iBlocs, license files, properties file, and log files on an installation of iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Mac

User Data
 /Users/username/Library/Application Support/iRise/Studio/data

 /Users/username/Library/Application Support/iRise/iBlocs

License File
 /Users/username/Library/Application Support/iRise/License/irise.license

Studio Log Files

Studio Crash Dumps

Properties File
/Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/

/Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/Documentation

Sample iDocs
/Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/iDoc_Samples

Report Templates
 /Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/ReportTemplates

Sample Datasheets  
/Applications/iRise Studio/Contents/Resources/Studio/SampleDatasheets 

Note for those on Lion and greater (OS X 10.7 +): As of Lion, the Library is hidden by default. You can get to your library by using the Finder's 'Go to Folder' feature by selecting it from the Go menu or by pressing Shift-Command-G with the Finder in focus. In the resulting window, type ~/Library  in the field and click Go to open the Library folder.
To get to the items within /Applications/iRise Studio/Contents , Control+Click on the Studio icon and choose 'Show Package Contents'. Once 'Contents' displays, navigate to the rest of the path.

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