From v11.0 onwards, by default, the Manager location is set to the iRise cloud-based Manager. However, in some instances, an organization policy may require that a local Definition Center Manager is used instead. Another example of where you may have to switch to a local Manager is if your organization restricts access to the internet. This article explains how to change the location of the Manager from cloud-based to the local Definition Center Manager on an On Premise installation.

How do I determine which Manager is being used?

It's easy to identify which version is being used. Simply open a project in Manager and type CTRL+ALT+E. This will reveal the Manager location in the iRise toolbar. If it states **, then you are using the cloud Manager. If it states the name of the server such as localhost or hostname, you're using the local version:


  1. Stop the iRise Definition Center service.

  2. Open the file x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\  with a text editor.

  3. Look for the section near the bottom labelled Requirements Manager configuration .

  4. Change the irise.manager.location=  property from cloud  to local .

  5. Save the file and restart the iRise Definition Center service.

Note: To benefit from regular Manager updates and features, iRise recommends you use the cloud-based Manager where possible. If you need to use a local Manager, please contact iRise Customer Support to obtain the latest Manager updates for your version, and you'll be provided with a link to the files and manual instructions on how to apply the Manager update.

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