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Accelerator Products - Locating Files
Accelerator Products - Locating Files
This article describes where to locate the accelerator products' files.
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 The following paths list the locations of where the log files are located for the Accelerator Products, (Adoption Center, Estimator, Revision Manager, Connect for Rational Composer, Connect for HPQC).
 Adoption Center:
 C:\Program Files\iRise Adoption Center\apache-tomcat7.2.23\logs\adoptioncenter.log
 C:\Program Files\iRise Estimator\apache-tomcat7.2.23\logs\estimator.log
 Revision Manager
 C:\Program Files\iRise Revision Manager\apache-tomcat7.2.23\logs\revisionmanager.log
 Connect for Rational Composer
 C:\Program Files\iRise Connect for IBM Rational Requirements Composer\apache-tomcat7.2.23\logs\iriseconnectrc.log
 Connect for HPQC
 C:\Program Files\iRise Connect for HP\apache-tomcat7.2.23\logs\iriseqc.log
 If you are running into issues with any of the above products, please attach the corresponding log file and email us at iRise Customer Support.

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