In Definition Center v9.2 onwards, LDAP users in the Administrator group can only login to Definition Center with their LDAP passwords; local passwords are no longer used. So, in the event that LDAP authentication is unavailable due to a bad password or password change, you must follow these steps to change the password.

1. Stop the Definition Center service.
2. Make a backup copy of x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\ .
3. Open  in a text editor, disable LDAP by setting ldap.enabled  to false, as such: 

ldap.enabled            = false

4. Save and close .
5. Start the Definition Center service.
6. Login to Definition Center with Definition Center Administrator account credentials and go to Administration & Settings > LDAP Authentication to enter your LDAP settings.
7. Save the settings and restart the Definition Center service one more time for the change to take effect.

You should now be able to authenticate using LDAP credentials. 

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