Studio has the ability to work online while connected to Definition Center, or offline. While offline, Studio saves to the following locations by default:
  Windows: %userprofile%\iRise\Studio\data
  Mac: ~/Application Data/iRise/Studio/data 

Redirect Studio data for Windows

Note the double back slashes in the path. This is required. A UNC path would look like so: \\\\new\\path\\goes\\here

  1. Close Studio

  2. Open in a text editor. It is located in the Studio installation directory, which by default is C:\Program Files (x86)\iRise\Studio .

  3. Add the following line under #IRISE HOME:\\new\\path\\goes\\here 

  4. Save and restart Studio.

Redirect Studio data for Mac

  1. Close Studio

  2. Open Finder, and locate the Studio app.

  3. Right-click on the Studio app and select Show package contents to reveal its contents.

  4. Open in a text editor. It is located in <Studio app contents>/Contents/Resources/Studio 

  5. Locate the irise.user.folder  line and change path accordingly 

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