Editor is designed to be an easy and intuitive way to quickly visualize screens and simple interactions, even for new and novice users.
 To enable the web-based Editor follow these steps:

  1. Stop the iRise Definition Center service

  2. Open the iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\irise.properties file with a text editor

  3. Look for the section near the bottom labeled 'Editor Configuration'

  4. Set the 'irise.editor' property to 'enabled'

  5. To enable the cloud version of Editor, set the 'irise.editor.location' property to 'cloud', otherwise set or leave the property 'local' which will run the Editor from your Definition Center.

  6. If you've enabled the cloud Editor, you must also add (without quotes) "editor.irise.com" to this comma separated list in irise.properties: irise.server.redirect.whitelist.

  7. Save the file and restart the iRise Definition Center service

Login to the Definition Center in a browser and navigate to a project in the Projects tab. Click on the pencil icon to begin using Editor with that project.
 Note: You will only see the Editor icon if you're an Author, and have edit permissions on a project.

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