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Unable to connect to the Revision Manager error in Studio
Unable to connect to the Revision Manager error in Studio
This article describes how to configure the Revision Manager to address an 'Unable to Connect' error from Studio.
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Applies to:

Product: Revision Manager
 Version: v10.0 upwards


With a Definition Center project open in Studio, you try to connect to Revision Manager via Tools > Revisions:

 you encounter the following message:


From Revision Manager v10.0x, there is no need to install a separate java plugin in the Studio plugins folder in order to access Revision Manager via Studio (as in v9.2 and below). The configuration is now done on the Definition Center.

To make changes on the Definition Center, you'll need access to the Definition Center server with privileges that allow you to make changes to the configuration and to stop/start the Definition Center windows service.

  1. Login to the Definition Center server and open the following configuration file using a text editor:

  2. Find the below lines and add the Revision Manager URL (shown here in red), replacing <hostname>:<tomcatport> with the name and port of your Revision Manager server:
     # revision manager url, if required
     revman_url: "http://<hostname>:<tomcatport>/revisionmanager"

  3. Save the file and restart the Definition Center windows service for the changes to take effect.

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