On occasion, as part of troubleshooting Definiton Center issues, iRise Support may ask you to send a java thread dump of a running Definition Center for further analysis.



Open Windows services and double-click the Definition Center service. Make a note of the Service Name. 

Open a command prompt as Administrator on the Definition Center server and navigate to the following path, replacing x: with the drive letter:x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\bin 

Type the following command at the prompt, replacing iRise<version> with your version, as displayed in the service name in the first step:

tomcat7w //MS//iRise<version>

Using the above as an example, you'd enter the command: tomcat7w //MS//iRise105This will result in a new Tomcat icon in your System Tray. 

Right-click this icon and select Thread Dump every 5 seconds, 5 times:

This will output the thread dump to your irise<version>-stdout.<date>.log file in x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\logs folder. 

Send us this file after performing the above steps.


  1. Login to the linux server as a user with permissions to access iRise Definition Center files.

  2. Run the following command:
     kill -SIGQUIT $(cat /iRise/DefCenter/var/run/catalina.pid)
     This will output the thread dump to your catalina-daemon.out log file in iRise/DefCenter/Tomcat/logs directory.

  3. Send us this file after performing the above steps.

Please contact Customer Support if you have any problems generating the thread dump.

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