Converting Studio Users to Authors
This article describes two new tools to assist in converting your pre v9.0 Studio users to Authors from v9.x onwards.
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These tools are included in the installation of Definition Center v9.x onwards in the iRise\DefCenter\bin directory.
 Warning: There is a requirement in Definition Center that affects this script. All user accounts must contain an email address from v9.1 and up. If you are upgrading to v9.x and up, and have user accounts that do not have email addresses, the conversion script will fail. Please make sure all user accounts have an email address before running this script.
 If you have many users, the task of updating them manually can be time consuming. It is possible to manually add the 'Author' role to user accounts, however, the tools allow you to update current Studio users en masse. From version 9.0 upwards, Studio users need the role of 'Author' in order to connect to DC via Studio.
 In order to run the above mentioned tools, you will need access to the Definition Center server and Definition Center System Administrator credentials.
 The first tool, the 'getStudioUsers.vbs' script will create a CSV file of all your current Studio users, (pulling from your registry log files on the server).

If you are upgrading to version 9.1 upwards and have a server not localized in English, you will need to use the attached file instead of the one provided with the installation. Please download, and unzip to the directory listed below. ​

Open your command prompt and change directories, (cd) to \iRise\DefCenter\bin directory. From here, type the name of the file, 'getStudioUsers.vbs' and add the location of your data directory at the end of the command. It should look similar to this:

 Once your command is complete, hit 'Enter' and a new file will be created in your \iRise\DefCenter\bin directory:

 The next tool will update the user accounts on the Definition Center, and add the 'Author' role. Once again, open your command prompt and change directories, (cd) to \iRise\DefCenter\bin directory. From here, type the name of the file, 'UserRoleConverter.cmd' and hit enter. This will list the information it requires to run.

 When you have the information required, the command will look something similar to this:
 userRoleConverter.cmd Administrator Adminpassword C:\iRise\DefCenter\bin\studiousers.csv​

 After you hit 'Enter' the command will update, and you can see the progress it is making in the command prompt. Please don't close out until complete. Once complete, log in to the Definition Center to verify the changes. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us in Support.

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