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Configuring a Project's Requirements Schema
Configuring a Project's Requirements Schema
How to edit the requirements schema at the project level
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iRise allows you to capture requirements directly in the context of the screens and UI elements they describe. For each requirement you can capture additional details, such as Type, Status, or Priority.

For each project, the requirement fields can be customized the match the way your team works. Perhaps in addition to requirements, you may want to document user stories, UI specifications, open items, or business objectives. Or perhaps your Agile team wants to capture Story Points and Sprint assignments. Here's where you can also add any external documents as attachments.

You can customize the set of requirement attributes, known as a 'Requirements Schema', from the Attribute Editor in Manager. Some things to keep in mind:

  • You must have 'Owner' permission on the project to edit the schema.

  • The project is locked when saving the new schema, so it's a good idea to only edit the schema during off hours.

Note: As a best practice, please ensure the project lock is cleared after saving the project schema. This can be checked by clicking the gear icon in Manager. If you see "Clear project lock", the project is still locked, and all edits will be blocked, until the lock is cleared. 

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Some technical knowledge is required to customize the schema, so please consult your iRise administrator or iRise Support if you have questions.

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