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This article describes how to configure Tomcat to redirect a Definition Center http URL request and automatically redirect it into an https URL request.


After setting up TLS on Definition Center, a common request is to have the application redirect user requests for the old URL to the new TLS URL. When a user hits the previously established http://servername:port URL, they will be automatically redirected and taken to the https://servername address.
Before making any modifications to the application, make backup copies of the server.xml and web.xml files located in the x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf   folder on the Definition Center server (where x is the drive where Definition Center has been installed).

1. Find your pre-SSL port

You'll need to add a connector context to the server.xml file that will redirect traffic from one port to the new TLS port (443). If you had the application running on a non-TLS port that users have bookmarked or are accustomed to, you will want to use that port in the connector. If you have not yet configured the application to run TLS and don't know the port, look in the x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf\  file. The parameter in that file (labelled myport" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="443" />

Here is what the file will look like if we are redirecting from port 82 to the TLS port 443:

<Service name="Catalina">

     <Connector port="82" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="443"/>


2. Modify the web.xml file

Navigate to x:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\conf  and open the web.xml file. The following <security-constraint>  block should be added at the bottom of the file but before the closing </web-app>  tag:

<!-- SSL settings. only allow HTTPS access to JIRA --> 
     <web-resource-name>Entire Application</web-resource-name>

3. Restart the Definition Center

To test out your changes, try logging in to your Definition Center using http://servername:port  or http://servername  if you redirected to the default port 80. Your browser URL should be redirected to https://servername and the login page should be displayed.

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