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Changing the Data Location on Definition Center
Changing the Data Location on Definition Center
This article describes how to to change the data location on the Definition Center.
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During initial installation of the Definition Center, you are prompted for the location where you wish to store the project data. The location of the folder can be changed post-installation. This article explains how to configure the Definition Center to point to an alternative data folder.


1. Edit the Definition Center configuration file

Before making any changes to any configuration files, we strongly recommend you take a backup copy. 

  1. Open the file in a text editor. The file is located in the folder \iRise\DefCenter\tomcat\conf .

  2. Look for the following section:

  3. Change the location of  to the new data folder location (highlighted in red).

    Note the double back slashes in the path. This is required. A UNC path would look like so:

  4. Save the file.

2. Edit the Java Service Wrapper

1. Open Windows services and double-click the Definition Center service. Make a note of the Service Name. 

2. Stop the iRise Definition Center service if it isn’t already stopped.  Note: you don't need to stop the service if you're just viewing the parameters. Only stop the service if making a change to the values.
3. Open a command prompt on the Definition Center server and navigate to the following path \iRise\DefCenter\tomcat\bin  
4. Type the following command at the prompt, replacing iRise<version>  with your version, as displayed in the service name in step 1:

tomcat7w //ES//iRise<version>

Using the above as an example, you'd enter the command:

tomcat7w //ES//iRise105  

5. Click on the Java tab in the window that pops up. Scroll down the Java Options window. The value you need to change is the .

6. Change this to the new data location (do not use double backslashes here).
7. Apply the changes then click on OK to exit.
8. Restart the Definition Center service.

Contact iRise Customer Support if you have any questions or concerns about changing your Definition Center data location.

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