Commenting on Simulations
This article describes how to add comments, and use the comments panel in Player.
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The Comments Panel

The third button from the left (the speech bubble icon) opens the Comments panel, which displays all comments added to the current scenario, screen, or master. Clicking on a comment will highlight the related widgets in your simulation.

 You can add a new comment to the project by clicking the + Add comment in light gray near the top of the panel.

 When adding a comment, you can pin it to a widget by clicking the pin icon and then clicking a widget in your simulation. Then there are related widgets, the pin icon is shown just to the right of the date/time stamp. You can also assign a color to the comment by clicking on the tag icon. Colors can represent anything you wish to track, such as priority, status, assignment, etc. After a comment has been added, you can edit the color or related widgets through the Actions menu accessed in upper right corner of each comment.

 Comments can be closed by via the Actions menu if they are no longer needed. Closed comments are removed from view and can be revealed through the More Actions menu in the upper left of the comments panel. Use the More Actions menu to reopen any existing closed comments.

You can export comments to a .csv file through the More Actions menu at the upper left of the Comments panel.
 Comments you add to a project cannot be deleted from within the Player, and they are visible to anyone who reviews the project. A comment can only be deleted from a project by someone who can open it in iRise Studio.


Setting the Comment Author

​When reviewing a Definition Center project, your comments will automatically be associated with your user account. If you are reviewing an iDoc, then the Player will associate your comments with your computer profile name. You can change this association to your real name by choosing Preferences from the Player Actions menu and entering your name into the Comment Author box.

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