The Requirements Panel

When reviewing a simulation, the second button from the left (the pencil icon) opens the Requirements panel. This panel contains any text requirements (Document Text) associated with the screen currently displayed in the Player. You can click on requirements in the panel to highlight the associated widgets.
 Note: The Requirements button icon will be blue in color if requirements have been added to the item currently displayed in the Player.


If comments have been added to the requirement, an indicator will appear next to the requirement ID. Clicking the comments icon opens the comments dialog. A text entry field at the bottom of the dialog allows you to add a new comment.

Add/edit Requirement

When viewing a project on a Definition Center, with owner or collaborator permissions, you can add new requirements by clicking on "+ Add requirement" at the top of the panel.

 You can edit requirement text by double-clicking the requirement. Note that editing the requirement in the Player will remove any special formatting that was added to the Document Text in Studio.

View Details

Various types of information are associated with each requirement. You can always view requirement attributes—both basic and custom information—by clicking the requirement ID or through the Actions menu in the upper right corner of each requirement. The details of the requirement will include the creating and modifying users with associated time stamps.

While adding a new requirement, you can pin a requirement to a widget by clicking on the pin icon and then clicking widgets in your simulation. If a requirement has associated widgets, a pin icon will appear next to the requirement ID. Clicking on this icon or selecting Related Widgets from the Actions menu will allow you to updated the associated widgets.

Delete Requirements

You can delete a requirement by clicking on the Actions menu and choosing Delete.

Reorder Requirements

Project owners and collaborators can also reorder requirements by dragging and dropping them in the panel.

Import / Export Requirements

You can import or export requirements through the More Actions menu in the upper left corner of the Requirements panel. Note: Only project owners and collaborators can import requirements.

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