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Compatibility Issues between Studio and Editor
Compatibility Issues between Studio and Editor
This article describes what happens if you add unsupported content to a project.
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Projects created in Editor are exactly the same as projects created in Studio. Therefore, all standard project features apply - requirements, comments, iDoc export, code generation, revision tracking, custom reporting, etc. Editor projects can also be opened in iRise Studio.
While data-compatible with Studio, Editor only supports a subset of prototype content. Therefore, once you open the project in the desktop Studio and add content that isn't yet supported in Editor, that content becomes locked and read-only in Editor. You can still work on the page, but not on that unsupported widget.  If the widget has an unsupported action, you can still edit the widget, but not the action.

Depending on what version of Editor you are using, you may see a lock icon, or red lines surrounding the widget.  If you are on a version prior to 11.1.0, you will not be able to edit the page at all, you will need to do this in Studio.

Here is an article for the current compatible functionalities for Editor and Studio. 

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