Viewing Guides
This article describes how to view and use guides in Player.
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Guides are textual annotations that appear during simulation to lead reviewers through a project. Guides may indicate where to click or what values to enter. To open the Guides panel in Reader, click the Guides icon in the top toolbar:


Guides appear as a numbered list in the Guides panel. The order of the guides is based on the X,Y position of the guides in Studio, the top left-most guide being the first. A grey pin icon appears next to the guide, if it is associated to widgets on the page. Clicking on the guide will highlight the widget.

Scenario-specific Guides

Some Guides are specific to individual Scenarios. For example, there may be one set of instructions for the Login Scenario and another set of instructions for the Register for an account Scenario. If the simulation includes scenario specific guides, those scenarios are listed as links in the Guides panel. Clicking on a scenario link allows you to enter the scenario, meaning scenario specific guides are visible as you click through the simulation. You can exit the scenario by clicking the Back to scenarios link.

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