Adding Masters to a Library
Learn how to add pre-built UI elements as masters to shared libraries directly in Editor
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Libraries are collections of reusable content that are heavily leveraged by Editor. This article describes how to add Masters to a Library that can be subsequently used by Editor users.
Masters are useful when you have a chunk of content (like a footer or logo) that should be the exact same on a number of different screens. In Editor, you can add a master to your screen by simply dragging it from the Masters panel. That will add a reference to that master to your screen.

To add a Master to a Library

  1. Create or edit your library project in Editor (located in the 'Libraries' folder).

  2. Click on the + (Add) button and select 'Master'

    Widgets - appear in the widgets panel in Editor.
    - appear when creating a new Master in Editor

  3. Name your new master in the Settings tab in the right-hand panel (it will be named 'New Master' by default).

  4. Create your master content. You can add triggers and actions to make the master interactive. 

To use a Master from a Library

  1. In the project that you wish to add the master too, click on the + (Add) button and select 'Master' in the 'Add New' window, and select the project that contains the master that you created in your Library project

Note: ensure you assign appropriate permissions to your project if you want other users to access your library project. Tip: assign the Everyone group if you want all users to access the library project.

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