Advanced Player Features
This article describes more advanced player features.
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An understanding of the basic features of iRise Player is typically enough for most reviewers to navigate through a project and give feedback. Additional features enable iRise modelers to test their simulations and share them with stakeholders. Most of these features are accessed via the Player Actions menu, which you can expand by clicking the second from the right side of the Player toolbar.

Highlight Active Elements

When reviewing a project, if you need to see what action items are available, you can select this option.  You can choose, Never, On Click, or Always.  This will highlight the active elements in yellow.

Sharing your Project

If you are reviewing a project on a Definition Center, choose the Share with Others option to open the project details page. The project details page is where the project owner manages reviewer access and performs other administrative tasks related to the project via the permissions tab.

Choose the Send link menu item to share a Definition Center project with reviewers. The first option is to copy a link that you can paste into an instant messaging client or email message. The second option is to copy a block of code that enables you to embed a visualization page or scenario in another product that can display HTML content. Both options allow you to specify whether the visualization content should be displayed with or without the Player toolbar.

Visualization content loads in its default state. This means that any alternate views or dynamic data that were displayed when the link or embed code was generated will NOT initially appear to reviewers. If displaying specific data or a particular view is important, you should consider using a screen capture to convey the information, or providing instructions that will enable reviewers to replicate the desired state of the simulation.

Downloading the Requirements Document

Choose the Download document menu item to export the standard RTF requirements document for a Definition Center project. This option would rarely be used by iRise modelers or project reviewers; rather, downstream consumers might find this feature useful (e.g., information architects, developers, QA analysts, etc.).

Debugging Tools

For iRise modelers, the Debug ​submenu offers two capabilities that provide some additional control over simulation behavior during testing, as well as the ability to monitor how data is being manipulated with each simulation event.
 Choose Debug > Data Tracker to open the Data Tracker tool. This tool allows you to see how data is passed through the simulation and how the simulation logic executes.

Choose Debug > Switch views to open the Set page views tool. When a simulation page contains at least one dynamic display, this tool allows you to switch manually between the alternate views in that display. This allows you to troubleshoot your dynamic display if it is not behaving as expected, or check the appearance of each alternate view before building the events that dynamically switch the views.

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