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Unable to Find Valid License Error Running Studio in Windows 7 or Vista
Unable to Find Valid License Error Running Studio in Windows 7 or Vista
This article describes how to address the error, "unable to find a valid license file' in Studio installed on Windows 7 or Vista.
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iRise Studio Enterprise Edition v8.x.x for Windows 7


A new type of Studio license error can occur on a Windows 7 machine due to UAC and virtualization. This issue most likely occurs when a user without administrative rights tries to write the irise.license file to the location required by the software, x:\Program Files\iRise\Studio. Without the proper permissions, the file is written instead to a virtual directory for the particular user and is utilized from this alternate location. Usually there is no issue running the software this way. The problem occurs when trying to place a new license file in the correct location, usually by an administrator. In this instance the software will still reference the file in the virtualized location instead of the correct Program Files location.

The user will get a fairly generic error message that does not hint at the root cause.

More Information:

After first exhausting the more likely causes of a warning message (the absence of a valid license file, a license file with incorrect MAC addresses, an incorrect system date/time, a txt extension added to the end of the license file or a disabled adapter) look for indications that virtualization may be the root of the problem.

Check to see if there is an expired or otherwise invalid license file in the x:\Usersusername\AppData\Virtual Store\Program Files\iRise\Studio directory that iRise Studio is accessing. Ensure that there is a valid license file in the x:\Program Files\iRise\Studio directory and then delete the virtualized key.

  1. Open My Computer and browse to C:\Users\ username\AppData\Virtual Store\Program Files\iRise\Studio (where username equals your username on the computer)

  2. Locate irise.license file and delete it

  3. Launch iRise Studio

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