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Could not create the Java virtual machine ... in Studio v8.12.x and above
Could not create the Java virtual machine ... in Studio v8.12.x and above
This article describes how to address the 'could not create the java virtual machine' error in Studio.
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Product: iRise Studio Enterprise Edition for Windows
 Version: v8.12+


This article describes an issue that may occur when launching Studio after upgrading from a previous version of Studio Enterprise Edition to version v8.12.x or higher. You may encounter the below error and Studio fails to launch:


1. Modify the iRiseStudio.lax file

 Locate the iRiseStudio.lax file and take a backup copy of the file. Edit the original file with a text editor. The file in a standard installation is located here: <drive>:\Program Files (x86)\iRise\Studio.

You'll need to reduce the size of the Maximum Heap Space. Locate the section in the file that contains the MaxPermSize parameter. It looks something like this:

Change the value from 1024Mb (highlighted in bytes in red above) down in 64Mb increments. First try the following value: 1006632960 (960Mb) and save the file. For example:

2. Make the changes permanent for versions prior to v8.12
 To make the changes permanent (only for iRise Studio versions prior to v8.12), rename the file MemorySettings.dll to MemorySettings.txt after editing the file above. You'll find this file located in the same folder, typically x:\Program Files (x86)\iRise\Studio.
 Once you've edited the file, try launching Studio. If you still get the error, try decreasing the value in 64Mb increments downward until Studio starts again. If you are still having troubles, contact iRise Customer Support and attach your iRiseStudio.lax file to the email, and preferably a screenshot of your Task Manager performance & details of what applications were running at the time of the error, along with details of your operating system and RAM. A reboot will clear memory, therefore if you constantly get this error, rebooting may allow Studio to launch.
 1024MB - 1073741824
 960MB - 1006632960
 896MB - 939524096
 832MB - 872415232
 768MB - 805306368

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