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Generating and Installing a Definition Center License
Generating and Installing a Definition Center License
This article describes how to generate and install a license for iRise Definition Center installed on a Windows server.
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Applies to:

iRise Definition Center

Version: 8.0 onwards

1. Locate MAC Address(es)

Windows: Launch a command prompt. In the command window type: getmac
Linux: ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr

Note: Up to three MAC addresses can be used in the event that multiple network cards are on the server.

2. Send MAC Address(es) to iRise Support

Send the resulting output from step 1 to iRise Support at, requesting a Definition Center license.

3. Install your license

Copy your irise.license file to a temporary location such as your desktop first, then move it to the installation folder. The default installation folder location (unless you chose a different folder location on installation) is:

4. Restart the Definition Center Service

Make sure you restart the Definition Center service for the license key to take effect.

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