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Configuring CA Wily Introscope to monitor iRise Definition Center
Configuring CA Wily Introscope to monitor iRise Definition Center
This article describes how to configure CA Wily Introscope to monitor Definition Center.
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The iRise Definition Center server can easily be configured to be monitored by the Wily Introscope management system. This allows key metrics such as the memory, CPU and threads to be reported and monitored. The following instructions are intended for SAP customers who installed Wily Introscope and the iRise Definition Center server.

  • Unzip Introscope Agent (From SAP) usually at C:\usr\sap\ccms\wily

  • Determine the correct service name for the version of iRise Definition Center you are running. To find the appropriate service name, open up Services on the Definition Center server, right click on the iRise Definition Center service and choose Properties. In the dialog box that displays use the service name that appears at the top of the box, as highlighted in blue below:

  • In a command prompt, run the following command as Administrator from the iRise Definition Center Tomcat directory (default indicated below):

C:\iRise\DefCenter\Tomcat\bin\Tomcat7w.exe //ES//iRise9X

(use the service name determined from step 2 in place of <iRise9X> in the command)

  • Go to the Java tab pane and add the below lines to the Java Options (assuming the Introscope Agent is installed at C:\usr\sap\ccms\wily):

  • Restart iRise Studio

The Introscope product should now display the key performance metrics for the iRise Definition Center that is running.

iRise only supports the iRise Definition Center application that is running with the Apache Tomcat that installs as part of the product, so the metrics will indicate the state of the iRise application only. Other applications that are running on the same hardware will not be reported in these metrics.

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