This article addresses a 403 error message that can occur when simulating a v9.1 or higher Definition Center project via browser or from Studio where you have used a server name that is not the fully qualified domain name of the server and the name you are using has not been included in the new whitelist property in the file.

From v9.1 Definition Center and upwards, a security feature was added that will block redirects that do not go to the server originating the request. Using a server name to connect to the Definition Center via browser or Studio that is not the server’s fully qualified domain name and that is also not in the new whitelist property will result in the following error at simulation time:

From v9.2 upwards, the error seen in the browser would instead be a 'Forbidden' error as opposed to the above mentioned '403' error.

To fix this issue you need to modify the file to contain all aliases, short names and IP addresses that end users might use to connect to the Definition Center. Follow these steps to modify the file:

  1. Open the \iRiseDefCenter\Tomcat\conf\ file

  2. Locate the parameter 'irise.server.redirect.whitelist'

  3. After the equals sign add a comma separated list of additional aliases, short names and/or IP addresses that may be used to access the Definition Center

  4. Stop and restart the iRise Definition Center service

Here is a sample file with the whitelist field filled out

Users should now be able to simulate Definition Center projects properly using the alternate servernames you specified in the whitelist file. Contact iRise Support if you require any further help.

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